Currently working on this carving project

At the moment (December 2020) I am working on a business sign that will be put up outside my carving shop here in Salmon Arm. It is a relief carving, approximately 3 feet x 2.5 feet. The wood is White Pine which grows locally here in British Columbia

Here I am working in my carving shop at the business sign

Here the sign is about 50% carved.

The letter carving is almost finished. I still need to go over the carving one more time and clean up any minor deficiencies.


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    1. Hi Dwayne, can you send me some more information about the tree you want to have carved. What would you like o have carved out of the tree and what diameter is the tree trunk. Also, a picture showing the tree would help.
      I live in Salmon Arm B.C. and if you live too far away it would not make sense for me to tackle that project but I might be able to refer you to another carver.
      My e-mail address is

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