Currently working on this carving project

At the moment (December 2020) I am working on a business sign that will be put up outside my carving shop here in Salmon Arm. It is a relief carving, approximately 3 feet x 2.5 feet. The wood is White Pine which grows locally here in British Columbia


I have always had a strong interest in environmental protection and studied environmental engineering in Germany before I emigrated to Canada. I also feel strongly about protecting plants and animals and express this interest in my carvings.


I am a canoer myself and have paddled rivers in Alberta, B.C., Yukon, Northwest Territories, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alaska and Utah. Many of these canoe trips were in remote areas in true wilderness with no road access and required flying in with a bush plane. I grew up near a river in Austria and spent much […]


I am nature lover and spend much time in the great Canadian outdoors, canoeing and hiking. On many occasions during my outings, I observe and photograph wild life. I have made carving of wildlife one of my major interests in wood carving.


During the spring, summer and fall I spend much of my time in the Canadian wilderness, hiking and canoeing. I always take my binoculars and camera with me and observe and take pictures of the animals, plants and landscapes I see. On my canoe trips up in the far north and in Alberta, Saskatchewan and […]


About 25 years ago I was visiting Haida Quaii (former Queen Charlotte Islands) with my family on a camping vacation. While sightseeing on the islands, we visited the local Haida museum where many pieces of Haida art such as wooden masks and bowls, Argillite carvings and war canoes were on display. There were also quite […]