I am a canoer myself and have paddled rivers in Alberta, B.C., Yukon, Northwest Territories, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alaska and Utah. Many of these canoe trips were in remote areas in true wilderness with no road access and required flying in with a bush plane. I grew up near a river in Austria and spent much of my younger years, going fishing with my dad and being out in nature. That’s why it is such a joy for me to spend time in the unspoiled Canadian wilderness. I no longer fish but just enjoy observing the animals and plants, the landscapes and anything around me, while paddling down a river or camping along the banks of a river or lake.


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  1. Hey I was just wondering if you have ever carved gun stocks at all? I have an old one that I would like a simple design carved into. What are your prices and how long would it take? All im looking for are some words and some flowers carved into it. Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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